An Interview with Mr Pedro Luis Saiz Ajuriaguerra – Spain

An Interview with Mr Pedro Luis Saiz Ajuriaguerra – Spain

—  Which genres do you prefer?

Clearly, I have specialized in two quite different genres such as architecture photography and sports photography.

Sports photography amuses me greatly and gives me great satisfaction on the other hand architecture photography is more detailed and millimetric, although sometimes I transfer these characteristics to sports.

— How would you describe your photographic style?

With regard to architecture photography, let us say that it can be contemporary linked to the structures or buildings photographed. In relation to sports photography is a completely different style more unreal, usually, people tell me that they resemble something to a comic drawing.

— How did you photoshop the picture?

Photoshop helps me to emphasize the difference between whites and blacks taken almost to extreme levels without exceeding them. I also try that most of my photographs have a great sharpness. Although I am generally characterized by strongly contrasted and somewhat unreal images.

— On which cities or towns do you focus on?

One of my fetish cities is undoubtedly the city where I have the privilege of living in Bilbao in the north of Spain in the province of Vizcaya. Also other nearby regions such as La Rioja, where the avant-garde architectures stand out.

— Did you photograph natural landscapes?

I do not usually photograph natural landscapes since they always require a very special light and they require a lot of time and planning, although due to the wonderful natural landscapes near my place of residence I have several excellent pictures of landscapes mainly of beaches.

I have also begun to photograph natural spaces from the air, bird's-eye view many of the everyday landscapes disappear and transform giving rise to singular abstract forms, moving away from the traditional external aspect of a concrete reality and approaching a world of possibilities, sometimes very close to the well-known fractal systems, and on other occasions with striking similarities within the different pictorial currents, such as, for example, nineteenth-century Impressionism, which traces of Claude Monet himself or with the symbolism of Edvard Munch

— How do you come up with the concept for your images?

Usually, I need to have an idea first and from there I look for the right place to develop that concept. In sports photography, there is also planning although I usually get carried away by the photographed sport and try to always enter the soul of it.

— What are the biggest challenges you face in your work as an urban photographer?

I will try to continue developing my ideas and incorporate new elements. I believe that aerial photography is evolving rapidly and I am currently implementing it in my landscape photography.

— What ’s more important for shooting urban landscapes? Architecture?

The most important thing is to have a style and try to incorporate it into the architectural structures photographed. I also recommend always correct the distortions of the lens and be always quite meticulous.

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